Rebaque 1979 Lotus 79 in 1/20 scale

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Rebaque 1979 Lotus 79 in 1/20 scale

Post by Orso on Tue 14 Oct - 2:07

Hector Rebaque ran a Lotus 79 in the 1979 season.

I liked that there was another livery for the 79

and Tabu had the decals for it so why not build it?
But when I started to look in to it it turned out that he ran in the prototype car the 79/1 that had a different cockpit.

But that didn't scare my off. I rebuilt the forward of the Hasegawa kit.

While at it I decided to modify the body as well using parts from the Tamiya Martini Lotus 79.  I used the mirrors as well and built a set of louvres for it.

Compared to the original kit it is different but honestly, not much is visible. I could have skipped the work with the rivets and those large holes.
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