Lola T97/30 photos

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Lola T97/30 photos

Post by Unracedf1 on Sun 2 Nov - 11:39

To give the new F1 pics forum a boost here all my Lola T97/30 photos i collected the last 10years. Not all the pictures are that big, though im not sure if bigger once of them do exist. I hope you enjoy them and got plenty of pics to upload , renewed my account on imageshack so should be able to upload them all.

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Re: Lola T97/30 photos

Post by tik-tok on Sat 15 Nov - 19:59

Thanks for those! Here are a few extra pictures I found on my hard drive, some additions and some different sizes etc. Hopefully no duplicates. Credit to original sources/scanners (the Autosport scans are the work of dr-baker).

*with photobucket, remember to use the download button to save the picture!*

The old T95/30 prototype in early 1997 Mastercard livery at the 1997 Autosport International Racing Car Show, Birmingham, January:

Plus a picture here (c) to Antsphoto:

Pre-season launch pics:

Santa Pod shakedown, February (Sospiri):

Australian GP - Rosset:

Australian GP - Sospiri:

Brazilian GP (DNS):

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