Open Poll. Should F1 Hero 1999 be released?

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Open Poll. Should F1 Hero 1999 be released?

Message par Cristian Luis le Ven 26 Déc - 16:11

Hello everyone!

I'm toying with the idea of publishing F1 Hero 1999 (the first of the F1 Hero series). But the mod itself isn't legal; I haven't asked for any kind of permission. These mods have been private since 2007, and during that period of time until today, I never thought that someday I would share it.
But the idea appeared on my mind, so...

Most of the authors are credited, but... perhaps isn't correct to release it without consulting with all of you. First and foremost, to begin, I thank you. Because my childhood dream had been fullfilled thanks to some colaboratives and supportives F1C communities (mainly Racesimulations).
Also, is a must to say that without ISI, this would never been possible.

This message is also an open poll about if F1 Hero 1999 should be released or not. You'll decide if you really want the based game available on Internet. Take into serious consideration the work of the original developers of some free F1C stuff (1988 Dudi's cars, GPL Brno Team, Jalnervion's Estoril 14 KM, CREW sounds and so on) and try to understand how they would think about this proposal. Compare those perspectives to your own vision about publishing or not the game, even with almost all authors credited.

For the game comes to light, there must be a majority over 66%. And the number of different voters must be over 29 between all the polls.

I've exchanged some private messages with Tim Wheatley. For personal completeness reasons, I'm not going to publish the content of the messages. This is just to verify frome here how seriously I take the issue of permits, and how I wish to share the based game under my own convictions to clean pulse.

Finally, I encourage you to use on Twitter and/or Facebook the Hashtag #ThankYouISI, and include a personal thanks to they and the incredible developers that have brought us the games we all love and/to play.

You can decide here. Feel free to comment and share your own reasons. Polls will be closed on 2nd February.

The same open poll can be found here:

For voting, just comment here if yes or no. If you want, you can share your own perspectives or reasons.

Thanks for reading!

Cristian Luis.


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Cristian Luis
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Competition racer

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Re: Open Poll. Should F1 Hero 1999 be released?

Message par dragonsteincole le Ven 26 Déc - 23:15

Having read this, I'm still not sure what f1 hero 1999 is, aside from it being a mod that apparently needs a lot of permissions to be released.

Is it possible for you to explain what it actually is, why it uses all of these assets from other creators, etc. A screenshot or two to demonstrate why it's something people should need to vote on at this stage of F1C's life.
Sunday Driver
Sunday Driver

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