1933 Grand Prix racing

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Re: 1933 Grand Prix racing

Post by Goodwood95 on Mon 11 Jul - 5:22


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Re: 1933 Grand Prix racing

Post by PTRACER on Sat 6 Aug - 0:04

Carraciola, Monaco

Louis Trintignant, Grand Prix de Picardie

Guy Bouriat, Grand Prix de Picardie

Stanislaw Czaykowski, Gran Premio di Monza:

Guido Landi, Masaryk Grand Prix

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Re: 1933 Grand Prix racing

Post by Lorenzo725 on Sat 15 Jul - 2:58

March 26, 1933, the Tunis Grand Prix in Carthage:


The same, with his Alfa Romeo #28:

The grid, arranged in numbers' order.
First row: #2 Toselli (Bugatti), #4 Moll (Bugatti). The #6 was a non-starter.
Second row: #8 Borzacchini (Alfa Romeo), #44 Zanelli (Alfa Romeo, replaced #10, non-starter), #12 Brunet (Bugatti).
Third row: #14 Pietsch (Alfa Romeo), #16 Czaykowski (Bugatti).

The start. Toselli and Brunet momentarily leads the pack. The latter will take the lead at the first corner, but will soon be passed by Borzacchini on his Scuderia Ferrari Alfa Romeo. Note the menacing clouds: heavy rain will suddenly pour on lap 25.

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Re: 1933 Grand Prix racing

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