DRS system in F1C how to tweak ?

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DRS system in F1C how to tweak ?

Post by Unracedf1 on Fri 29 May - 22:28

Help me out Neutral

A friend of mine asked me if i could remember a topic back in the days o racesimulations.com with a tutorial for activating / tweaking DRS.
I slightly remembered that i managed to have this working but i dont know how i did it anymore.
I do have these files: mega.co.nz #!qwhywZAI!2pCLvudjSa9dLgkJEBzOhUj0VmGTlErSzSWSiNPX3_M

Though i dont get it worked.
I asked Ivo, owner of Racesimulations, if he could retrieve the topic back but so far no answer.

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