Circuito semipermanente de Tandil v0.9 (Pablo Fernández) released

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Circuito semipermanente de Tandil v0.9 (Pablo Fernández) released

Message par Cristian Luis le Sam 9 Avr - 23:04

Circuito Semipermanente de Tandil for F1 Challenge '99-'02.

Version 0.9, based on Tandil 1.0 for rFactor.

Let me present. My name is Cristian Luis, and I am the
author of this txt credits file. I am going to start
this note telling, essentially, the private message
sent by Pablo Fernández about the politics for converting
the 'Circuito Semipermanente de Tandil' track.

As soon as this has been said, let's start.


I asked for permission to Pablo Fernández, the original
creator of this astonishing track, at November of 2015.

The permission was given, albeit with two conditions:

1. - He does not allow any commercial operation or sale of
    the circuit. He does not want his circuits (Tandil, or
    any other that belongs to him) to be used for the
    purpose of making money.

2. - The circuit must have the original readme.txt file
    (the one by him [Pablo Fernández]), and it must keep
    Pablo Fernández's name as the author of the track.

I (Cristian Luis) also have to send a link where he (Pablo)
can see the circuit published, or where he can have
information of the racing simulator game.

A message is going to be send to him when the release of this
circuit for F1 Challenge '99-'02 is done.


About the release of this track

This track became available to download for the platform
Grand Prix Legends on 10th December 2013.

The original readme file can be found there.

A conversion ffor rFactor was also released. and from this
stuff, I wanted to convert it for F1 Challenge '99-'02.

Then, for us, it comes November 2015.

During November 2015 to March 2016, I struggled a lot
for converting the track. I had no success, and I made
a request for help several months later. You can find
about it here:

Valerio Bertolotti (Valpaso75), Teji Kohri and F1CFan1804
helped me with some stages of the conversion. And the
track was finally released on 10th April 2016.


Author: Pablo Fernández

Special thanks to:

Grand Prix Legends developers team
David Kaemmer
Sim Racing Mirror Zone
Grand Prix Legends (GPL) Repository
Phil Flack, Martijn Keizer and the GPLEA for the design tools and tutorials
Phil Flack for GTK Maker
Anton Norup Sorensen for GracED
Joachim Blum for TrkCamEdit
Dave Noonan for 3DOED
Christian Wohlfahrt for 123do
Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg for GPLRA
Alan & Stefan for the TEX Spreadsheet Guide

Watch a lap in Tandil (Grand Prix Legends) here:

Interview to Pablo Fernández about Tandil:


Idea about converting the track for F1C: Cristian Luis
Early stages of conversion: Cristian Luis
Circuit converted succesfully by: Teji Kohri
First optimizations to the track made by: Valerio Bertolotti


Teji Kohri:

-Successful conversion of Tandil for F1 Challenge '99-'02;
   (I owe you a HUGE thanks. Without you, Tandil for
   F1C would have been something impossible)

Valerio Bertolotti:

-Basic AIW fixes (such as racing line, crash avoidance cornering speed);
-Lods and presentation;
-CIN file;

Me (Cristian Luis):
-Track side animations;
-Crowd, announcer and ambient sound effects;
-Dynamic rendering of spectators for different weekend sessions;
-Colision targets;
-Updated material settings and textures;
-Updated AIW, CAM and CIN files;
-Box lines;
-New 3D models;
-AIW rain path in Drizzle, Rain and Monsoon conditions;
   (Thanks, Frentzen127 and JimmyF!)
-Original track icon, thmb and track info;
   (A Toda Velocidad's interview to Pablo was a crucial resource for that)
-Bmp and tga files size reduction by Cristian Luis;
-Track adaptation for F1 Hero 1999 2-2;

My request for help from here:
The circuit needs an update. An horizont. Scenario background, as he GPL and rFactor Tandil version have.

Special thanks:

 -Valerio Bertolotti;
 -Teji Kohri;
 -Pablo Fernández;
 -F1 Challenge '99-'02 developers team;
 -Philippe Bondurand;

Well. Here it is.

Arrow Link:!d58FgaaI!IAjaYkdaYtuo9tOnD9eu77e5rxR8rO323K3cxk7Wh8Q

Enjoy the circuit!

Cristian Luis
Cristian Luis
Competition racer
Competition racer

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Re: Circuito semipermanente de Tandil v0.9 (Pablo Fernández) released

Message par Wookey le Dim 10 Avr - 13:37

A very interesting track. I'm glad the hospital forgot to ban Mega Wink

Not a Tilke track ! Huge straights, cut by 6 or more chicanes. narrow track most of the time. Overpassing not so easy because of short width.

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Re: Circuito semipermanente de Tandil v0.9 (Pablo Fernández) released

Message par jpemidio le Mar 12 Avr - 13:33

Very nice and.....big track!!!

Thanks for the gift..

Sunday Driver
Sunday Driver

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Re: Circuito semipermanente de Tandil v0.9 (Pablo Fernández) released

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