Rules of The Forum. New Members please read

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Rules of The Forum. New Members please read

Post by Wookey on Sat 25 Jun - 15:57

Dear members,

This forum has been created in September 2014, when the old forum of Aerogi disappeared. It also replaces many places about simracing in F1C that disappeared too. We are still working hard to restore its collections. While we advanced quite well in F1. Other categories are lacking hands to re build.

You've signed on this forum. You are welcomed. We hope you will enjoy it.

To get the best experience out of it, you need to understand some simple rules.

This is a participative place, not a free for all pillaging field. Our regular posters make huge efforts to find and share material, including their own pictures or scans.

The least you can do is to acknowledge them and say hello, thank you, bravo. This might be enough for a while. But someday we might ask for a bit more. You can't benefit from the work of others for long without giving a little help.

The best you can do is make your own research and share.

If you are not able to fill new material, you're at least able to gather pictures from the chronological series and build tribute for cars, pilots, circuits, or even specific corners, why not? It's up to you to add your brick to the house.

To keep motivated the regular posters, I have to clean regularly this forum from totally inactive members. Someday, they will ask me to oust also those whose only post was a "thank you" 2 years ago... I refused until now, but I might accept someday.

Now you are warned. Modelling and sim racing section are and will stay open to non members. The non members also have access to the texts. Not the images.

The other rules of this forum are very simple : Behave. Act here as you would do in a friendly club. Be polite and kind to each other. Remember that this is an international place and our fluency in English is different, as are different our ages, opinions and tastes and most important the way we love cars.

Now some advice to keep the forum tidy and efficient :

- Do not post requests or unidentified pictures in the main threads, there is a specific section for Identification.
- When you get an answer in this section, it is up to the asker to repost the identified or new picture in the main section.
- To post pictures, you can use any sharing site you want.
most populars here are :

but you can use any you like.

Last advice is in my signature. I had a hard time convincing all members to do so, but is helps tremendously dealing with the hundreds of pictures you'll find here.

Please do not answer here, the discussion is open in this thread :

Any answer here will be deleted

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