Is there interest for A GP2 and GP3 database ?

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Is there interest for A GP2 and GP3 database ?

Post by Unracedf1 on Wed 5 Oct - 0:01

Hey all,

Recently with uploading EAF1 Series downloads to keep the etc heritage alive, i came across a lot of GP2 and GP3 stuff.
Now i know these games are almost 20 years old are pure classics, and for some just dust collectors.

But would there be interest in a database for the Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix series and specialy for GP2 and GP3 perhaps also GP4 ?
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Competition racer

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Re: Is there interest for A GP2 and GP3 database ?

Post by Wookey on Wed 5 Oct - 8:06

my interest i F1C is not as a retro gamer but because it still stays the game with the most complete set of monoplaces. It allows me to build stories such as the one I'm currently posting, and is the third I write. I dont know if any one is interested in other vintage games.

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