P. Depailler. Tyrrell 008 Sweden 1978

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P. Depailler. Tyrrell 008 Sweden 1978

Message par Orso le Sam 4 Oct 2014 - 1:01

Another 1/20 Formula one car. I really wanted a Tyrrell 008 but as there isn't a plastic kit of it I had to settle for the Studio 27 Multi media kit.

I used the front wings from the Monaco version and the radiators on the top of the side pods from the Austrian version to build the Swedish GP car.

I made new front wing end plates and built new side skirts.

The front wheels were to big so I bought a set of MFH slicks for it and used the front rims of the Lotus 79 from MFH.

I must have missed when cleaning the resin body because the masking tape tore of the paint so I had to strip it and repaint it

But in the end it turned out OK. I like the look of this car. More of this on my home page.

Sunday Driver
Sunday Driver

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