AI car fuel

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AI car fuel

Message par Fizanko le Mar 21 Mar - 20:47

For some of the addon tracks when you're using them for the game's stock F1 cars there's obviously a wrong FuelUse setting in their corresponding AIW (often due to them being for specific type of cars, not F1 by example) leading more than half of the F1C AI cars to be unable to complete a race without running out of fuel, on the worst case i got , i only saw 2 of the opponents finishing the track.

I have tried to find a method to rework the fueluse value for those addon track for my own use.

Problem is that i can't find a formula to obtain a precise AIW, i checked various default tracks that work without problem for the AI, and for some of them a (laps*lapdistanceinmeters)/3 gives a close value to their own FuelUse setting in the AIW, for other official track it would give higher or lower setting in comparison to what is in their AIW.
I tried a lap length in meters*23 and again it works for some track but for other either it gives a lower or higher result than the AIW
Some people recommended *20 but same thing : it's consistent in some tracks but noticably higher or lower in other.

I guess the difference is very likely explained by factors like altitude, temperature at track level, humidity etc... that the devs have taken in account.
And i guess that's my problem as i can't find a formula taking everything of these in account anywhere to make absolutely sure the AI will be able to finish their circuit without only a couple of cars running out of fuel like it sometime happes (not the dozen of cars all running out like it does in so many addon tracks).

As if i have the value set too low, the majority of the AI will continue to run out of fuel, but if i go with the value set it too high, the AI will then take too much fuel and will make their cars heavier, meaning they're going to be slower.

I decided for a time to go with lap length in meters*22 , in most case it seems close enough to the stock AIW so maybe for the addon it may be a good value, but who know if i'm not overkilling the AI weight then.
Anyone has inputs on how to setup a correct FuelUse value in the AIW ?

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