Reliability in F1C 1969 season

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Reliability in F1C 1969 season

Post by Wookey on Wed 5 Apr - 12:25

Strange problem in trying to race Monza (for my story). My engine explodes in the 1st lap. Everytime. I tried 6 times. I tried to set the damage multiplier to minimum and invulnerablity on for no avail.
Someone knows where I can edit the basic reliability of the engine?

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Re: Reliability in F1C 1969 season

Post by MFA on Thu 6 Apr - 15:24

I do not know if that's your problem. But I solved many problems like this ... Open the engine file ... Example... Find these lines:

RPMTorque=(22500, -214.5, 379.5) /max torque
RevLimitRange=(22500.0, 100.0, 11)

Note that the values ​​must be equal. 22500

Then take this value 22500 and increase it 2000 = 24500


Did you understand the logic?
RPMTorque=(15500, -160.5, 267.5) /max torque
RevLimitRange=(15500.0, 100.0, 11)
I learned this by comparing the original "engine" F1 Challenge 99-02 with those of the other Mods.

If this is not the problem, it must be the incompatibility between the "engine" and the "gear_ratios". Some cars do not walk, others walk slow, and some burst the engine.
In some Mod a Ligier burst the engine, I traded the gear_ratios for a McLaren and it worked. That's how I learned.

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