Driving Guide: How to start without launch control by DaHas (Emac F1 SportPlanet)

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Driving Guide: How to start without launch control by DaHas (Emac F1 SportPlanet)

Post by Cristian Luis on Wed 20 Sep - 20:29

Original post by Dahas.

Let me forward some information how you are compatible with the AI at the start without using LC:

1. Preparing for the start:

A real formula 1 driver uses his 1st gear only for the start. During a stint he is using the 2nd gear as the lowest for slow corners. Many of us may have noticed, that F1 drivers practize the start in the warmup, just before the race. This is the moment, where they try to find the best compromise between traction and accelartion. Regarding to what they find best, they adjust their 1st gear.

2. The start:

When the lights start their sequence, the driver holds the RPM of his engine at around 10000. We donĀ“t see what RPM we have, so just listen to the AI, they rev at 10000.

Then count with the sequence. Each light comes after one second. When all the lights are red, it takes either 1, 2 or 3 seconds till the race starts. This is generated randomly, so be prepared.

As soon as the lights turn off, push the pedal fully down. If you loose traction while accelareting, play slightly with the pedal, so you not spin. If your 1st gear is set perfectly, you should have almost no loss of traction.

Good luck for the remaining race.
Cristian Luis
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